COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 has created a health and economic crisis.

The COVID 19 Health Crisis

Our primary hope is that all stakeholders and their families in the strata community stay safe and healthy.

The Covid 19 Economic Impact

We would like to draw your attention to the following comments regarding your strata plan, the payment of levies and the services provided to your strata plan.

– Your strata plan is its own entity, similar to a company, and you, an owner, are similar to a shareholder.

– Levies are raised by your strata plan and determined by owners who participate in annual general meetings. These levies are credited to a bank account, solely for the use of the strata plan. These levies, once paid, fund all services within your building. including cleaning, building insurance, management and repairs & maintenance. If there are no funds in your strata plan’s bank account, the strata plan is effectively insolvent and no services can be provided. It is imperative that, where possible, levies are paid on time.

– Having said that, we are acutely aware of the ongoing economic crisis and that some owners may not be able to pay levies on time. In these circumstances we will treat each case individually and sympathetically. If you are having difficulties paying your levies please email outlining your circumstances and we will review.

Again, please stay safe and healthy and let’s work together through this crisis.


Glen Ettridge

Great Strata Pty Ltd
30 March 2020